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December 1, 2016

Rima Khabbaze Joins Forces with HokoCloud

Rima Khabbaze, a self-made entrepreneur in financial technology, joins HokoCloud as Partner and Chief Operating Officer.

Rima is delighted to share her plus 15 years’ experience in the Fintech industry with HokoCloud. Her roles in the industry were various, and include co-founding a Fintech company, where she was involved in all aspects of the business, including fundraising across South East Asia, Middle East and the GCC.

Her experience as Executive Director of a Hong Kong group and her participation on several M&A deals has empowered her with a diverse and extraordinary know-how.

Rima is renowned for her hands-on approach and interventions on every aspect of a business,  which provides support in building, growing, and developing the overall performance and value of her projects.

Rui Gago, CEO of HokoCloud, commented, “These were the qualities and skill set we considered when appointing Rima. We were aware of her experience, capabilities and potential, which brings a lot of value to the team!”

Rima’s integration into the company has been recognised and welcomed by the HokoCloud team. She has already applied her experience and knowledge in the most diverse areas of activity, to the great benefit of the HokoCloud customers.

Rui adds, “The recent improvements and new features in our portal, that our customers can now observe and enjoy, were significantly influenced by Rima’s input”.

Established in 2018, HokoCloud aims to continue expanding its brand, as well as becoming a recognized ecosystem for social trading globally. As per Rui, the fact that Rima joined the team is a step forward in their expansion.

“For the company’s growth and globalization strategy, we believe that appointing Rima positively contributes to the development of our brand, in strategic markets such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia”.

Rima Khabbaze has a new challenge ahead of her, taking HokoCloud to new heights and ensuring stable and successful growth for the company.  Rima comments on her new role, “I am excited to join Hokocloud’s journey. We are a team of self-driven and young entrepreneurs from different backgrounds & cultures, but united under the same mission. HokoCloud’s technology is one of a kind as we offer so much more than just copy trading. HokoCloud’s platform ensures speed, transparency, simplicity and fairness to all. We have taken into account the needs of all stakeholders in the HokoCloud’s Community, ensuring that our solution is beneficial, and fruitful for all.  Empowering our clients and partners is a key to growth and long lasting relationships; that’s one of the reasons why Customer Service of excellence has always been a main priority.

From day 1, I went “all in” on my commitment with Hokocloud and became a Partner. As our Arabic proverb says “unity is power – الاتحاد قوة

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