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HokoCloud Partners with CFI Financial to Offer Social Trading for MT5

Leading fintech firm, HokoCloud, has partnered with CFI Financial, an award-winning global trading provider with over 23 years of experience, to offer a social trading platform on MetaTrader 5 (MT5). With this partnership, the company adds another name to its list of prestigious institutions with whom it has created an open-ended ecosystem of financial professionals.

HokoCloud offers its global clients access to a unique, ultra-low latency, and fully dedicated VPS network together with a highly advanced copy trading and social trading platform, which is considered the best in the industry. The platform is rapidly gaining popularity in the social trading community, due to huge networking opportunities with professional traders, ultra-fast trading speed, and 100% uptime on the popular MT4 platform. Traders can easily replicate any trading strategy in forex, equities, cryptos, and more, without restrictions on trade volume and at no extra cost.

CFI will be the first broker partner of HokoCloud to offer these advantages on the multi-exchange platform, MT5. 

Co-Founder and CEO of HokoCloud, Rui Gago and Partner & COO Rima Khabbaze stated, We are enormously excited to not only join forces with a reputable broker like CFI Financial, but especially to announce them as the first partnered broker after our recent release of cross MT4 / MT5 copy trading. Through the partnership, CFI’s clients across the globe will have access to a unique ultra-low latency social trading platform, ideal for either managing multiple MT5 accounts simultaneously, or to follow any trading strategy available globally.

State-of-the-Art Technology to Leverage the Power of Social Media

Despite technological advancements, the financial industry remains largely fragmented. Investors find it difficult to choose where to invest, and this lack of knowledge leads to bad decisions and loss of opportunities. It can also lead to conflicts of interest and higher costs due to fragmentation.

The HokoCloud platform aims to solve these issues. State-of-the-art integration on the popular MT4 and MT5 platforms means traders can benefit from a social trading and investing environment. With an easy-to-use web, traders can discover proven investment strategies across multiple institutions and replicate them to increase their profit potential.

They can also manage multiple accounts on one platform, and trade on them simultaneously, with the assurance that the broker will know of their transactions in real-time. This enables a comprehensive view of all their investments and informed decision-making.

Strategies can also be chosen, based on the feedback of social connections. With access to an active community of traders, the chances of missing out on market opportunities also decrease. Meanwhile, informed trading is enabled with tips and analysis shared by reputed investors.

Professional traders can leverage their networks to create global communities of followers. This is irrespective of which broker or institution they are registered with. After achieving a high level of followers, a trader can become an influencer within the industry. This means they can also reap rewards for sharing their strategies via monetization opportunities.

Embedded risk management enables customization of investment strategies for a better risk/return ratio. The HokoCloud copy trading platform makes financial investments agnostic of broker, institution, and platform. 

Traders Love Social Trading

Social trading allows newbies in the financial markets to observe and learn from experienced traders, and mirror their strategies on a trusted platform. This can result in a faster understanding of market concepts and trading strategies. It is also a great opportunity to grow as a sophisticated investor and become a part of a global investor community. Unlike a set trading plan, social trading allows the flexibility to adjust strategies as per the learning curve and financial goals. It makes the financial markets easier to follow and more accessible to anyone, from anywhere and at any time.

More Business Opportunities for the Broker Partner

With the integration of this advanced platform, CFI Financial will be able to provide its global retail clients with the advantages of copy trading, an in-demand service in the sector today. The versatile MT5 platform will further provide an edge for all trading decisions, with its rich features and functionalities. HokoCloud offers cross-compatibility between MT4 and MT5, which means a larger market for services.

Given that social networks are the go-to solution for information, advice, and tips for millennials and Gen-Z, a social network dedicated to trading can be an effective way to attract new clients and keep existing ones engaged. By offering this facility, CFI Financial will be able to grow its client base and set itself apart from the competition.

Founders and Managing Directors of CFI Financial Group, Hisham Mansour and Eduardo Fakhoury commented: “We are truly delighted to be partnering with HokoCloud, one of the leading social trading providers in the world. This collaboration will help us continue down the path of offering a best-in-class trading experience by introducing a powerful new tool to our already extensive arsenal of products and services that is made available to our clients”.

 Furthermore, the company will be able to offer these services to clients, through an independent and self-managed platform that is completely branded for them. With browser-based VPS access, an anti-crash monitor, and cutting-edge hardware, HokoCloud will help elevate the trading experience for CFI Financial’s customer base.

Advantage of Fintech Combined with a Social Ecosystem

HokoCloud believes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing. It aims to bring diverse strategies in trading forex, equities, crypto, commodities, and other assets to match the unique needs and risk appetites of global brokers and traders.