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HokoCloud Launches Social Trading Platform for MetaTrader 5

Leading global fintech company HokoCloud announced the launch of its market-leading social trading platform for MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Now, traders and broker partners of the HokoCloud ecosystem can implement copy trading strategies on the multi-exchange and versatile MT5 platform. With this launch, HokoCloud provides an MT4/MT5 cross-platform social trading ecosystem. This means that successful MT4 trading strategies can be replicated on MT5 as well and vice versa.

Co-Founder and CEO of HokoCloud, Rui Gago, stated, “MT4 is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world, and a huge number of traders still prefer it. By offering cross-compatibility between MT4 and MT5, brokers can extend ultra-low latency trading conditions to a vast number of retail clients not only in forex but other markets as well, like the Brazilian stock market. Traders can seamlessly manage multiple MT4/MT5 accounts on a single platform and create their strategies without having to worry about platform compatibility. This is perfect for traders who might have any concerns about shifting from their original platforms.”

Financial investments are thus made independent of broker, platform, and institutions through HokoCloud. This means traders can choose which broker, or brokers, will take custody of their funds and execute their orders. They can choose to copy investment strategies used by multiple institutions/traders on the social platform and replicate them, regardless of the broker they are registered with.

Social Trading on MT5

HokoCloud’s advanced MT4/MT5 copy trading platform will help brokers attract new clients seeking opportunities to mimic the investment strategies of established professional traders. These clients can easily follow traders with the highest ratings, analyse their strategies and implement them on their own charts in real-time. The MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform, with its comprehensive charting tools, in-built news feeds, alerts, technical indicators, and automated trading capabilities, can give an edge to their trading strategies.

Moreover, MQL5 Showcase features hundreds of paid and free trading signals from successful traders, helping them to earn extra income in the form of subscription fees. With multiple order types and 2 position accounting systems, MT5 provides an elevated trading experience. The MT5 Strategy Tester further allows traders to optimise trading strategies before implementing them into live market conditions.

HokoCloud enables 100% uptime via its unique software, with the ultimate trading VPS, and its unique software and hardware. With AI & data analytics-enabled risk management, the platform can equip traders to customise their investment strategies to achieve a better risk/reward ratio. 

HokoCloud’s solution is available as a white-label product for all MT4/MT5 brokers, so that they can provide clients a complete brand experience. Brokers can also enable their clients to access a global collaborative community of investors and traders, allowing increased information sharing and collaboration for improved decision making, completely free of charge.

A Complete Trading Ecosystem

HokoCloud has partnered with several prestigious financial institutions to create an open-ended ecosystem of finance professionals. It has enabled state-of-the-art integration of these institutions with social media, to empower traders with an independent, secure and easy-to-use social trading platform.

The copy trading platform allows beginners to adopt an “on-the-job-training” methodology of understanding the intricacies of the financial markets and the trading process. They don’t need to go through extensive macroeconomic trends, company news, and multiple information sources to make trading decisions. Instead, they can gather tips and information from their peers globally, and implement strategies based on social feedback.

New traders, who might be prone to emotional decision-making, can learn by following the most successful traders or trading trends in the community. This ensures that they don’t miss out on market opportunities. With time, it can become possible for them to create their own strategies, based on their long-term trading goals and risk appetite. Moreover, all this is cost-effective, unlike traditional investment management.

HokoCloud enables traders to discover top professionals from a variety of institutions and replicate their strategies, no matter which broker they are affiliated to. An intuitive UI and multi-device compatibility allow them to scan the markets from anywhere, and at any time.

Experienced traders with impressive track records can use the opportunity to share their knowledge and build their follower base and credibility.

By offering such flexibility, HokoCloud aims to ensure that brokers and traders are not limited by the fragmented nature of the marketplace. Traders don’t have to switch between accounts to monitor their positions, while brokers can provide their services to a wider customer base.

Social trading is an extremely popular concept among the new generation of retail traders, who already rely on social platforms for key decisions in their lives. The trend has accelerated during Covid-19, as many new traders took the decision to foray into the financial markets to supplement their income and make the most of the stay-at-home scenarios.

Most importantly, HokoCloud enables brokers to offer global services through support in multiple languages, including Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian.

Experienced traders have long kept their ideas and insights to themselves, but social networks have gradually eroded this exclusivity. Information sharing and copy trading on a dedicated platform like HokoCloud can truly democratise trading. The MetaTrader 5 trading platform further ensures that traders can invest in multiple markets to diversify their portfolios. 

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