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Help Ukrainian refugees in Moldova

HokoCloud team is in Moldava helping Ukrainian refugees. With your help we can continue to support the ones in need.  If you want to help directly on the ground, we'll do our best to guarantee that help arrives where needed. For that we created a bank account where you can deposit your donations which will be allocated where is needed.

OpenBank(EUR) ⠀
ES370073 0100 5107 0048 4179 ⠀

Senda transfer slip via WhatsApp to (+351) 918 683 586 or support@hokocloud.com

Another option is to top up your Hoko Wallet and click on UKRAINIAN HELP as explained below. ⠀

We appreciate all the help.



In partnership with DocQ, HokoCloud announces that a new web application to support the relief efforts for Ukrainian refugees is available for immediate use. This app assists refugees needing transportation by pairing them with volunteers providing transportation. Ukrainian refugees, volunteers and people and/or organizations assisting with the Ukrainian relief efforts, can go to ukrainetransport.info to register. Provide your information in a quick and easy way with your current location and destination.
The application will then match refugees needing assistance with volunteers in the surrounding area to provide transportation.

“The nightmare Ukranians have to endure during their journeys between their homes and their final destinations in the EU is beyond description. Being physically in Moldova, I am seeing first hand the impact of such sacrifice, and we need, as a community, to shorten as much as possible the overall time spent by Ukranians on this journey, by matching them with transportation as soon as possible. We hope this web application might bring some relief to those that need it so much” said Rui Gago, CEO of HokoCloud.

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