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Decide today which brokers and strategies you want to share. Hoko’s WhiteLabel is a personalized portal of Copy-Trading and VPS for Brokers and Traders.


A community that creates value

Connect your accounts

And trade with them simultaneously,
no matter the Broker you use.

Build Communities

Leverage social networks and create
communities of followers.

Connect with Social Media

Analyze and follow trading strategies
through your social media.

Diversify your risk

Go beyond Forex to Equity, indexes,
Crypto and more! No limitations.


Suggested Strategies

CepodV2 Algorithm. The model is an award-winning, short-term volatility break-out driven system with multiple filters (stochastic / Fibonacci / Moving Averages, that applies strict risk management principles, all of which have been thoroughly back-tested. Instruments traded: - EUR USD - USD JPY - EUR JPY - USD CAD - NZD USD Minimum investment : 10.000USD (or equivalent)



Gain (Last 12M)





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Best recommended for 8,000 SGD ( 5000EUR) and above - Only use True ECN account ( ICmarkets Raw Spread) We trade based on impulsive movements from the market and we are using our in-house cost averaging system to curb trades that are not going in our way. - The only System that has live support, for more info please visit :



Gain (Last 12M)





Estratégia criada para capital mínimo de US$100,00



Gain (Last 12M)






Why HokoCloud?

Easy to use

So you can grow your wealth anywhere and anytime. HokoCloud works on your smartphone or computer.

Unbiased & Transparent

So you can rest assured your broker only learns of your trades at the moment of execution.

Social Proof

So you can choose an investment strategy based on the feedback from your social connections.

Broker Agnostic

Choose freely which Broker will take custody of your funds and will execute your orders in the market.

Automatic Replication

So your orders get to the market faster than a human eye blinks without your manual intervention.

Risk Management

So you can identify and limit the risks of each strategy while diversifying your investments in the market.

100% Uptime

Stable service SLA guarantee

1000’s Brokers

MT4 and MT5 Cross Compatible

Blazing Fast

Realtime systems performance

Browser based VPS access

The Ultimate Trading VPS
At Hoko, we understand the importance
of accessing the best available tools
to improve trading success chances.
For that reason, our Infra is available
for Algo Traders looking for an edge.

Unique Software
Web connector, platform auto-starter
and anti-crash monitor,
so you can focus on what really matters.

Cutting Edge Hardware
Fully dedicated resources,
Intel Skylake Processors,
DDR4 RAM and SSD drives.
Only the best for you!

Free on Sponsored Brokers

Trading VPS


per day*

3 VPS Plans
6 Different locations
Fully Dedicated Resources
Web, PC, MAC and Mobile Access

*1 Core / 1GB RAM / 25GB SSD -$0.50 per day
1 Core / 2GB RAM / 55GB SSD -$0.83 per day
2 Core / 4GB RAM / 80GB SSD - $1.33 per day



per day*

Per follower account
100% Cloud – No need for VPS
Personalized Copy Parameters
Compatible with MT4 and MT5

*Copy-Trade pricing may be higher in specific cases. Traders may specify additional fixed or performance-based fees to be applied on their strategy followers.


Some experiences with HokoCloud

We have been cooperating with Hokocloud since day one. Their technology helped us to leverage an important niche of Copy/SocialTrading which was in demand from our clients.We are very satisfied with this cooperation and we can only warmly recommend Hokocloud

João Monteiro - Chairman, 4XC

Talking about HokoCloud today is talking about our company's success! Today we cannot imagine being in Forex without the tools created by HokoCloud. Copy Trade, VPS, Wallet, Currency and logistical support that is top-notch. Speaking about the attention and care spent by the directors and staff, they are unmatchable and we give them a perfect score.

Fernando Abreu - CEO, MindTrade

We are increasingly evolving in our operation and strengthening partnerships. Together with HokoCloud’s excellent support and unique technology, we can provide a structure that we have never found in the market to our customers.
We thank all our partners and HokoCloud, because they gave us confidence and are present with us every step of the way we are undertaking together.

Daniel Máximo - Trader, Liberty FX

With Hokocloud it's very convenient to manage multiple trading accounts and use multiple strategies to copy master traders activities into any followers trading accounts.
Very easy and user-friendly interface with good customer support service.

Rashmika Wasala - Gerente de Trading, Trustmax


HokoCloud Team

Alexandre Brito

Client Support

Client and Technical Support Operator specialized on MT4/MT5.

Anuj Sehgal

Research and Technology

20+ years of expertise in networked systems, security and AI.

Cristina Sirbu

Business Development

Sales specialist with experience at leading brokerage firms.

Fabio Fröhlich

Software Architect

+20 years of experience in software quality and architecture

Felipe Muller

Mobile App Dev

Senior Developer with +6 years experience in mobile.

Filipa Glória

Marketing and Brand

Specialist on brand development, digital marketing and PR.

João Martinez

Web Developer

Specialized in development and troubleshooting of web applications.

Jason Kadarusman

Software and Product

Software pro with experience in business process automation.

Matheus Hernandes

Full Stack Developer

Specialized in back/front-end systems and process automation.

Rima Khabbaze

Institutional Operations

Earned reputation in building, operating and growing businesses

Rui Gago

Financial Markets

Economist with over a decade of experience in the FX industry.

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